November 2010

Don’t Forget to Sign Your Christmas Cards!

by Henry L. on November 29, 2010

Have you ever received an unsigned greeting card, in an envelope with no return address?  If so, you may be more likely to appreciate the efficiency and freedom of personalized Christmas cards. On the surface, you might find the incident to be amusing.  But, like her Royal Highness, “I am not amused.”  I am annoyed.  […]

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Design #092CW – Frosty Season’s Greetings

by Henry L. on November 24, 2010

I usually get around to disposing the personalized Christmas cards I received during the holiday season sometime around the 4th of July. This year I seem to have gotten a jump on it…I started during the second week of June! As I toss these cards into the trash I can’t help but notice that quite […]

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Personalized Holiday Cards Spread the Magic

by Henry L. on November 22, 2010

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” – Norman Vincent Peale This is the quote I’m putting in my personalized holiday cards this year. Isn’t it lovely? I thought so too. I always have my Christmas cards customized with our names but I also like to […]

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Design #624CX – American Homestead Winter

by Henry L. on November 18, 2010

American Homestead Winter Holiday Card, design #624CX, is a reproduction of an original Currier & Ives print depicting a winter scene of years gone by. The sheer simplicity of this winter scene holiday card printed in sepia-like tones evokes fond memories of a life uncomplicated by the hustle and bustle of modern day society. An […]

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If you’re like me, you receive dozens of personalized holiday cards in the mail each year. You may choose to display them on your mantle or on top of your piano, or you may tape them up around the doorway to your kitchen or pin them to a bulletin board. But once Christmas and Chanukkah […]

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We’re pleased to announce that 3 Monthly Finalists were chosen for October! Each monthly finalist will receive a $75 Amazon gift card. Be sure to tell us what you think of the monthly winning designs by leaving a comment below; we’d love to hear from you! **And don’t forget, even if you weren’t chosen as […]


Remind the people and companies that you do business with that the environment does not take a back seat to your bottom line. And the festive holiday season is a great time to do just that! Consider sending environmentally friendly business holiday cards to your vendors, business partners and clients. Now, more than ever, they […]

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If you’re looking for classy corporate Christmas cards but are more traditional in nature, design #684CX, Merry Christmas Traditions Holiday Card, may be to your liking. It features a festively decorated Christmas tree adorned with thin gold and silver garland, gold ornaments, and blue ribbons with a large blue Christmas bow atop the highest branch. […]

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Company Christmas Cards and Tornados

by Henry L. on November 1, 2010

Having worked here at The Gallery Collection for over ten years as a customer service rep, I along with all my fellow employees have come across some strange orders. We’ve all had some really strange imprints requested for company Christmas cards, or sometimes a name will give us a chuckle when we see their occupation. […]

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