January 2011

Design #899AY- Bursting Congratulations Wishes

by Henry L. on January 27, 2011

Design #899AY- Bursting Congratulations Wishes, is the perfect business congratulations card for when you’d like to compliment someone on that big promotion, tell a co-worker congratulations on a job well done, or surprise a business associate that’s celebrating a monumental anniversary with the company. This attention grabbing design is sure to convey your sentiments exactly. […]


An All Occasion Assortment Box is a Lifesaver!

by Henry L. on January 24, 2011

While entertaining one evening with close friends from out of state, in conversation my friend Mary announced, “Well, we’ve all made it, 25 years of marriage.” I suddenly realized it was their wedding anniversary. We were married in the same year, a few months apart and were each others maids of honor at our weddings. […]


Design #861AY – Party Hats Galore

by Henry L. on January 20, 2011

Design #861AY, Party Hats Galore Birthday Card, shows a colorful array of party hats, which is no doubt a stunning way to honor someone on their special day. The embossed hats are highlighted on a midnight black card stock that shows off brilliant bursts of rainbow foil colors in purple, fuchsia, orange, bronze, lemon, and […]


A card has different meaning for every individual. One person can see it has a special note while another individual can see it as a waste of paper and another tree gone. However, things are different now. Many companies offer environmentally friendly greeting cards that are gentle on our resources but still allow you to […]

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Design #338AY – Starlight Anniversary

by Henry L. on January 13, 2011

Giving or sending corporate anniversary cards is a perfect way to acknowledge a milestone. When an employee reaches another year of employment, my company gives that person an anniversary card signed by our executive team as well as our managers.  The card often contains a little note such as, “We are glad to have you […]

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A Thank You Card to Dad That Got “Stamped” On

by Henry L. on January 10, 2011

Recently I sent my father a personalized thank you card as part of an ongoing joke between us that started about 40 years ago. It involves postage stamps or rather my lack of them. I enclosed an entire sheet of postage stamps in the greeting card with an explanation that I was finally repaying him […]

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A Birthday Card and a Free Haircut

by Henry L. on January 3, 2011

As the owner of a salon and spa, having as much personal contact as possible with my customers is vital. Throughout the year, we have promotions and raffles at the salon. Sometimes we choose to raffle off hair care products or even services. We have also started sending out Christmas cards. I believe that this […]

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