June 2011

Design 735CS – The Northern Cardinal Holiday Card, depicts a male cardinal perched on a snowy pine branch. We know that this cardinal is a male by its bright red color; a shade of red you can’t take your eyes off and the red is so striking against the white snow. This photo works well […]


Ever want to know what your customers REALLY think of you? Well, after recently opening ourselves up to Reseller Reviews we have found out! And you know what? We are so glad we did! Seriously, we were blown away at what we have read. For a company whose employees take true pride in providing a […]


I remember years ago when I worked as an employee for a sporting goods chain. One of the nice things working for the folks who ran that company was their acknowledging of both my birthday and company anniversary with the presentation of very nice congratulations cards. Now that I am a member of a corporate […]


Business Christmas cards will never be passé, and I’ll tell you why. Last year I almost cut sending corporate holiday cards from the budget. When I discussed this idea with my office manager, she was appalled. She reminded me of how the look and tone of our office changed last year when we started receiving […]


Being an artist and loving to paint, I have a bit of pressure every year to send out the perfect personalized Christmas cards. I am very interested in watercolors so when I saw Design 154CX – Watercolor Poinsettia Holiday Card, I knew I finally found the perfect card for me. One of the unique features […]


There are certain behaviors at the office (and in life) that are best to avoid and can actually hurt your chances of being voted “Coolest Co-Worker”. Are you going through life blissfully unaware of how you are perceived by others? Take our quiz and find out. Give yourself one point for every Q you said […]


Every year at Christmas, my father goes through all the holiday greeting cards he has received to see which ones were purchased from the company I work for. This all started years ago when I spotted one of “my” cards, Design 307CW – Patriotic Dove Peaceful Holiday Card, sitting on his fireplace mantel. It was […]


Don’t Lose Your Holiday Greeting Cards

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It was a beautiful Christmas Eve day with just a hint of snow falling, enough to enjoy the spirit of the holidays but, thankfully, not enough to cause a traffic calamity. As we were getting ready to leave for our annual Christmas party I was sure I had planned everything that was necessary to make […]


Thanksgiving has always brought a feeling of warmth to my family. The chill in the air, the smell of cinnamon and apples as pies are baking in the oven, and the thrill of excitement on the city streets announce the time of year. Design 717CX – Thanksgiving in the Park Holiday Card, reminds me of […]