July 2011

I have always loved Christmas cards with simple elegant beauty. Before now I had not thought that the color black was attractive for Christmas cards. It always seemed more appropriate for the holiday season to use more vibrant colors. I changed my mind when a card with the utter beauty of a wreath of gold […]


An Unlikely Testimonial For Holiday Cards

by Henry L. on July 25, 2011

It may seem strange, but I’m really looking forward to my employer’s holiday cards this year. Especially the Christmas selection. In most workplaces getting Christmas cards from the boss is nice but hardly a cause for excitement. The sentiment is appreciated but… corporate Christmas cards are so often colorless and boring and a little cold. […]


When shopping for holiday greeting cards I’ve never actually considered Thanksgiving cards.  Automatically I head straight for the Christmas cards.  You know the ones with snow scenes, wreaths, ornaments or Christmas trees as the cover design.   I might choose a card depicting a Nativity scene for those friends who celebrate the day as a religious […]


Holiday Wreath Cards at Christmas Time

by Henry L. on July 18, 2011

My Mother and Father could never tell me when it was Christmas, as the thought of all of the fun filled family moments would make me utterly sick with excitement. I would lie awake, which seemed to be all night long, waiting for the noise of his sleigh bells, the sound of glistening snow tapping […]


Are you looking to send festive personalized birthday cards to celebrate employees and co-workers’ birthdays? Design 572AE, Let’s Celebrate! Birthday Card, has a colorful cast of characters that are in the midst of a celebration. Some are wearing party hats and everyone is having fun. There is one gentleman that looks like he is wondering […]


Thank You Cards and Operation Home Improvement

by Henry L. on July 11, 2011

Have you ever sent thank you cards to contractors for a job well done? I recently had work done on my house. It was not the most pleasant experience for a few reasons: • My husband, Dan, and I were newbies to major home improvement jobs. We didn’t know what to expect and stumbled through […]


Design 732CS – Christmas Eve Holiday Card

by Henry L. on July 7, 2011

Every year as autumn approaches we begin to think about the holiday season that is fast upon us.  They begin with Halloween, then comes Thanksgiving, then Christmas.  And with the holidays comes the annual selection of personalized holiday cards.  Recently I came across a specific card, Design 732CS – Christmas Eve Holiday Card, that immediately […]


Why Should I Wait To Order My Holiday Cards?

by Henry L. on July 5, 2011

I always like to get things done early.  In college I was never that person to pull an all nighter to finish up a paper…I had it printed out days before it was due. Everything in my house needs to be in order hours, not minutes, before company arrives. Because of this, it came as […]