August 2012

The Perfect Corporate Holiday Cards

by Henry L. on August 30, 2012

The corporate holiday cards I send every year are not only my way of wishing greetings for the holidays, but they are also my way of connecting with people I have not had contact with for a while. At least I know once a year we can catch up with each other’s lives and bring […]


Corporate Greeting Cards Make You Memorable

by Henry L. on August 27, 2012

Technology has led to a very impersonal connection we have with one another.  Email, texting, facebook, twitter, even if you want to “hangout” these days it means you sit on your computer.  I guess at least then you can see another person.  The point is our world has changed from face to face, to on […]


Do Get Well Cards Work?

by Henry L. on August 23, 2012

Sometimes we often forget that it is the simple things that make us smile and make our days brighter.   I am a manager for over 200 customer service representatives and with 200 of them, it is very hard to reach out to each and every one of them to let them know that I and […]


Before I started working for the Gallery Collection I never gave any thought to company Christmas cards. When I worked for other companies it was someone else’s job to choose the holiday card.  Now that I am in the midst of the corporate Christmas card world I realize that the card that is chosen will […]


No More Searching For Business Birthday Cards

by Henry L. on August 16, 2012

In my previous experiences going to the store, it was an absolute pain when it came to finding business birthday cards for your employees. I would have to dig and search for a long period of time before I found something that was professional and tasteful at the same time. But with The Gallery Collection, […]


Pet Sympathy Cards – Are They Necessary?

by Henry L. on August 13, 2012

Pets are more than an animal that lives with you. When you accept a pet into your home, you make them a part of your family. The love and care given to a pet is often very much like the way you would treat a child. They become an integral part of your daily life. […]


What says “I love your business” like receiving Corporate holiday cards?  I am not sure if some companies realize how important it is to send their customers Christmas cards. As a customer it so nice to be recognized with a note of holiday cheer. It feels great to be acknowledged and appreciated. A few companies […]


A few years ago I started working for a company that designs, prints and personalizes holiday and all-occasion greeting cards. I had never thought about buying personalized Christmas cards even though I mail out between 60 and 80 Christmas cards each year. But once I placed an order for personalized cards, I was hooked. Preparing […]


In this crazy world of everyone being in a rush, and nobody seeming to have time to stop and smell the roses, I have found a great conversation starter that everyone seems to enjoy, and it keeps the lines of communication open between me and my customers.  Want to know what it is?  I simply […]