October 2012

Christmas Cards Personalized For Your Style

by Henry L. on October 29, 2012

I love greeting cards. I love all the picking out that perfect card for someone that let’s them know that I put thought into this card just for them. But more than any other occasion, I love Christmas cards personalized for my style. When I am choosing the cards I am going to send out […]


Everyone Enjoys Corporate Holiday Cards

by Henry L. on October 25, 2012

Let’s say that corporate Holiday cards are a mandatory thing, required by the policies of your company. Now, really think about it. Would it be as thoughtful and generous to receive if you as an employee were required to send them out to all of your fellow co-workers? What if, when required to send out […]


Business Birthday Cards In The Work Place

by Henry L. on October 22, 2012

In today’s world most situations are handled by an impersonal response; email, e-cards, texting, cell phones, iPads, etc.  Years ago when I had my first job at a bank, my boss Mr. C always sent business birthday cards to his employees and customers.  I worked in a busy bank that had extended Saturday hours. He […]


The use of business greeting cards in the workplace has become increasingly popular and they are used throughout the year.  The ways to use greeting cards in the business environment are numerous and can often require a little creativity. Birthday cards are not only sent to employees as a way to wish them a Happy […]


Christmas Cards Keep Us Connected

by Henry L. on October 15, 2012

Who would have thought in these days of instant news and entertainment, getting Christmas cards would have such sentimental value.  We all have anywhere from 50 to 100+ friends on Facebook, Twitter or some other form of social media.  But realistically, how many of those friends would you send, or would send you a Christmas […]


Make Your Corporate Christmas Cards Perfect

by Henry L. on October 11, 2012

I’ve been in business for over 20 years and have always been able to find corporate Christmas cards that ideally match what I want to say, and how I want to say it, with style. Sometimes I go for poignant or nostalgic; other years I want something more modern. Whatever I feel it takes to […]


With another Christmas holiday fast approaching, it is yet again up to me, and me alone, to come up with the best way to say happy holidays to our family and friends – only this year is VERY different.   This year marks my 1st year of marriage to my husband Rick and I very much […]


Our business received several nice quality business Thanksgiving cards to kick off this holiday season, many proudly displaying the sending companies’ logos. I glanced at the back of the card with the nicest design and it happened to be from The Gallery Collection. I was intrigued as to the cost, so I visited their website […]


The Best Business Christmas Cards in the World

by Henry L. on October 1, 2012

I used to go to the store to purchase my greeting cards for my friends and family but things have certainly changed now that I work for a company that produces the most elegant, high quality business Christmas cards and corporate greeting cards I’ve ever seen. The card line is called The Gallery Collection, and […]