April 2013

Working as an office administrator in a small office I am always coming up with new ways of showing appreciation to our employees. This is a little easier to do than working with a larger office because of the number of employees and costs. Here is my tip on birthdays and birthday cards for cozier […]


The Gallery Collection is pleased to announce a donation to Boston Marathon bombing victim, Heather Abbott, through a special fundraiser to be held in her honor. The event will take place at 2pm on Sunday, April 28th at the Dockside 1 Waites Wharf in Heather’s hometown of Newport, RI. There is a $20 suggested donation […]


The morning routine is definitely a little different today. My morning commute normally doesn’t involve making a pit stop to get a dozen bagels and delicious donuts. It’s a special day indeed. A unique tradition has been implemented at the office for these types of days. If it’s your birthday, guess what? You get to […]


The Gallery Collection is pleased to announce the finalists of our 2nd Chance – $1,000 Christmas Tree Design Contest. This exciting new design contest was open to the finalists from the Gallery Collection’s 6th Annual Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship contest. You can see all of the amazing submissions that we received below. All finalists from the 6th […]


I’ve noticed lately that when I visit a new store or restaurant and join their “frequent visitors” list, one of the questions they ask is “when is your birthday” or “when is your anniversary”. I guess in the back of my mind I wondered if they’d send business greeting cards, but that seemed so personal […]


It was my first day back to work at a new company after a long hiatus taking care of my young daughter. I was about to begin a week long training session, and it was also my birthday. I walked into the training room filled with anticipation for this new chapter in my life. I […]



Assorted Birthday Cards Work For Everyone

by Henry L. on April 11, 2013

You can never go wrong with assorted birthday cards. When you send birthday cards at a company the recipient always expects it to be the same as someone else’s card. We think things like “they wouldn’t spend all of their time personalizing something for just me.” In all actuality the thought is what truly counts. […]


I have a niece who loves her birthday. She looks forward to it every year and is very disappointed if we don’t make a big deal about it. On the other hand, I can’t say I ever loved my birthday – and I love it even less so as the years add up. I guess […]


Helpful Tips for Sending Sympathy Cards

by Henry L. on April 4, 2013

For obvious reasons, no one likes to send sympathy cards. But they are needed, as they help bring comfort to the bereaved and also enable you to express and share your grief. Knowing the right things to say and do can be difficult. Here are some tips for sending sympathy cards. Writing the Sympathy Cards […]