August 2013

Corporate Birthday Cards Always Make Me Feel Special

by DeJanais R. on August 8, 2013

I have received some of the best birthday cards from several employers. Every year for my birthday I optimize the “It’s all about me on my birthday” factor where ever I go, even work. I walk through lunch rooms, offices, and even restrooms to let all of my coworkers know that my birthday is approaching. […]


Thanksgiving Cards: A Tradition in the Making

by Janna D. on August 5, 2013

Thoughts of Thanksgiving conjure warm images of bountiful tables set in cozy homes, harvests of pumpkin and corn and evenings spent bundled against the chilling air. There’s an unmistakable sense of contentment and appreciation and a wish to feel connected, and sending Thanksgiving cards to family and friends is a wonderful way to share that […]


In our newest entry into our Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Look-Back series, we wanted kick off the 3rd annual scholarships month by giving everyone a behind the scenes look at the amazingly creative and gracious way the winner, Lauren Ondreko, sent us her thanks after we let her know that she had won.   Lauren, who was […]

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Keep Birthday Cards Alive!

by Thelma R. on August 1, 2013

Today is a faced paced world. We want everything yesterday! All the emails, tweets, texts and Facebook. Everyone is connected at top speeds. Instead of going to the bank to cash your check, just take a picture of it on the newest iPhone. Forgot to send your wife flowers for your Anniversary? Buy them online […]