April 2014

With technology’s advances and the diversification of methods made easy by the ever-expanding and intricate internet, it’s easier than ever to find something relatable to nearly an niche and yet one thing remains constant—we still order gifts, have them shipped to the delight of the recipient who still has the honor of opening their cherished […]


As part of The Gallery Collection’s charitable donation program, we recently made a donation of 100 Holiday cards to Transfiguration Academy in Bergenfield, NJ. These holiday cards will be part of a Tricky Tray dinner and fundraiser to help support the school. The mission of Transfiguration Academy is to enable each student to develop to […]


Top 10 Employee Birthday Gift Ideas

by Lindsey A. on April 24, 2014

The proper way to acknowledge and celebrate employee birthdays can really vary from company to company. Sure, thoughtful employers will always remember the employee’s special day with a quality greeting card but in some companies you just have to give a little. But let’s face it, finding a gift that is appreciated, appropriate and affordable […]


Sending Get Well Wishes To A Co-Worker

by Danny A. on April 21, 2014

We work side by side with people day after day. We share the big and small events in our lives. We trade recipes, gossip and the minutiae of our lives on a daily basis. When a co-worker is out, we generally just go about our business and catch up with them when they come back. […]


The Pediatric Cancer Foundation is holding its 20th Annual Walkathon on April 27th. The Gallery Collection is proud to participate by offering 10 assortment boxes of our beautiful greeting cards for use in auction at the event. These assortment boxes include birthday cards, all occasion cards, fine art note cards and holiday cards. The Pediatric […]

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What to Bring to Your Office Birthday Party

by Lindsey A. on April 17, 2014

If you work in an office that celebrates birthdays, you may find yourself wondering what to bring to the office birthday party if you have either just started working there or perhaps worked there so long you are looking for some fresh ideas. Look no further!   Not much of a cook? Your specialty could […]

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Gallery Collection New for 2014 Christmas Cards

by Evangeline R. on April 16, 2014

The Gallery Collection has a beautiful new series of Christmas cards for 2014. There is sure to be something for everyone! http://www.gallerycollection.com/christmascards/new-2014-holiday-cards.htm

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Top 10 Employee Anniversary Gift Ideas

by Janna D. on April 14, 2014

Celebrating an employee’s anniversary is an important way of letting him or her know that you appreciate the commitment that they show to your company. If the employee has been with the company for an extended length of time, (such as 25 years) a fantastic idea would be to have a dinner or party in […]

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What To Write In Your Managers Birthday Cards

by Lindsey A. on April 10, 2014

Sending or giving someone a birthday card requires some thought or at least I think it should. I like to pick birthday cards that reflect the relationship I have with the person. Some are more light-hearted, others more heart felt and some are more on the professional level. I generally don’t find it difficult to […]

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How to Deal With Workplace Bullying

by Dolly A. on April 7, 2014

There has been a renewed recognition of bullying in the schools of America. Most have adopted a no bullying policy that is strictly adhered to. What is under recognized is the amount of workplace bullying that is practiced in many companies. Whether it is instigated by a superior or a peer, it is an insidious […]

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