Employee Anniversary Cards and Universal Truths

by Henry L. on January 26, 2012

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Some may be inclined to cut their business budget by eliminating unnecessary expenses, such as employee anniversary cards. I’ve heard the reasoning on this: “In this economy…,” “They should be happy they still have a job…,” “They get paid so what more do they expect?”

Fair enough. Just as fair as the employee who does only what he or she must do, and not a lick more.

You see, it’s all in the attitude, and attitude is contagious. It’s like Karma. What goes around comes around. If you accentuate the positive, you can eliminate the negative. You’ve got to give, to get. Give gratitude and you’ll get gratitude. Give enthusiasm and you’ll get enthusiasm. Give appreciation and you’ll be appreciated. And, not just you; your clients, customers and vendors will feel the effects of that good vibe and react in a like manner.

If you walk through your workplace with a smile and cheerful greeting for each person you see, you’ll find service with a smile spreading throughout your ranks. If you honor workers with employee anniversary cards, you’ll see their pride and confidence flourish. And that will lead to more energy, greater cooperation and bigger efforts, where going above and beyond becomes your company’s form of business as usual.

Do you think I’m using a lot of clichés? Try substituting “truth” for “cliché” because clichés came into being because they are, pretty much, universal truths.

Employee anniversary cards are small, simple, low-cost gestures. But think of their value in helping to retain your skilled, knowledgeable, and dependable staff members. And think of the money you save by not having to solicit, train, and gamble on new replacement personnel. That, and optimum productivity, is money in your pocket. I’d say those cards are worth their weight in gold now, aren’t they?

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