Deliciously Soaring Business Birthday Cards

by Henry L. on February 23, 2009

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Soaring Happy Birthday, design 113AR, is one of the newest business birthday cards added to The Gallery Collection line. The card displays three floating – oops I mean soaring – balloons. The design was named Soaring Happy Birthday Card but in my opinion I would have named it Soaring Balloons. Why? Because the balloons are the main focal point of the card.

The multi colored “Happy Birthday” sentiment printed underneath the balloons is ok, but it’s the balloons that really grabbed my attention. My eyes were drawn right into the vibrant color of each, one orange, one blue, and one green. I saw different shapes and swirls in each individual color. The balloons took on a look of marble, or you know how you mix two rich colors of paint together to get a custom look…that’s what it reminds me of.

Design 113AR - Soaring Happy Birthday Card

Design 113AR - Soaring Happy Birthday Card

The three balloons seem to pop off the glossy white background of the card giving each one its own unique look. They are surrounded by golden flecks and sparkling stars that look like someone sprinkled gold star dust in the air and the gold dust is falling over each balloon. This certainly adds a nice touch to the birthday card design. I give this card a high rating on its overall look and wouldn’t hesitate to give it to anyone for their personal birthday.

As for design 091AY Birthday Delight Birthday Card, another new business birthday cards design, this cream colored card displays the yummiest looking cup cake spread with a hue of lavender icing. It’s then topped with pastel colored sprinkles and a soft pink star candle. The embossed cupcake is displayed in a watercolor purple and blue cupcake holder with ever so slightly darker purple and blue shadowed polka dots.

Design 091AY - Birthday Delight Birthday Card

Design 091AY - Birthday Delight Birthday Card

The “Happy Birthday” sentiment and tiny stars displayed on the card reflect bright foil colors of bronze, orange, fuchsia, and lemon lime. The cupcake, star, and the curled ribbon are all outlined in those same colors. I wanted to take a bite out of this deliciously fun looking cupcake. The birthday card, itself, would probably appeal more to females of all ages who would be delighted to receive this yummy treat.

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