Assorted Birthday Cards Show Employee Appreciation

by Henry L. on April 29, 2013

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Working as an office administrator in a small office I am always coming up with new ways of showing appreciation to our employees. This is a little easier to do than working with a larger office because of the number of employees and costs. Here is my tip on birthdays and birthday cards for cozier offices. If you work in a small office like me assorted birthday cards are a better alternative than getting a “one size fits all” card and this is why. We all know that time when a birthday card gets passed around the office because a co-workers birthday is coming up soon. Now imagine signing the same exact card 10+ times. By the time your birthday comes along you would probably already know what card you’re going to get and that’s no fun! Well ordering bulk birthday cards was the solution!

We all appreciate it when it’s our birthday and we get a different card then what we signed for Bill’s or Jane’s birthday. The surprise element really adds a nice touch to an office birthday. I found the perfect assortment from the Gallery Collection. They don’t sacrifice quality for costs and the cards are beautiful! If you are an office admin please take this tip and get your birthday cards today. Trust me, you will thank me later!

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