Business Birthday Cards In The Work Place

by Henry L. on October 22, 2012

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In today’s world most situations are handled by an impersonal response; email, e-cards, texting, cell phones, iPads, etc.  Years ago when I had my first job at a bank, my boss Mr. C always sent business birthday cards to his employees and customers.  I worked in a busy bank that had extended Saturday hours. He always came to work with a smile and respected the work that was done under his supervision.  He even went as far as to bring in donuts or bagels for the staff.

Birthday cards were well received by the customers of the bank.  Most would compliment me, and were impressed that a corporation would take the time to send out personalized cards. It was a good feeling for both parties, and I actually enjoyed sending them to the clients. A lot of times I would put a hand written note in the card.  People share a lot of stores when they are sitting at your desk.  I often would refer back to one of their stories that they shared with me while I was filling out the paperwork. The important lesson I took from that job was that it is always a good practice remember birthdays; your clients and customers won’t forget your thoughtfulness.

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