Buying Birthday Cards – Exasperating or Enjoyable?

by Nala B. on August 15, 2013

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The pain! The agony! Can’t I put it off for another day? What is this dreadful task, you want to know? Shopping for birthday cards! (insert horror music here). Sorry for being so dramatic, but I really can’t stand this time-consuming, tedious chore. Now let’s make it clear – I think sending birthday cards are wonderful. My clients are so appreciative and look forward to receiving them each year. But the process of going to the store to buy them just annoys me!

birthday cards

We’ve all gone through it. The monotony of reading every category on those tiny little label things that stick out behind each slot of cards to find what you’re looking for. Fast forward 20 minutes later: you’re still pacing up and down the card aisle with different designs in hand. Is that sparkly one TOO sparkly? Does this greeting sound business-like enough? Finally, you make a decision. Just when you think you’re done, you notice there’s no matching envelope! You end up stealing an envelope from another card and hope it fits (we’ve all done it). You walk up to the register and the clerk mutters “$4.99”, without blinking an eye. What?! For a card?! You have no choice – if you don’t send the card now, it will get there late.

Does this sound all too familiar? Well, fear not, my fellow birthday card buyers! I’ve found a solution that saves time and money: The Gallery Collection. They have beautiful, high-quality corporate birthday cards (with matching envelopes, of course) for fantastic prices. The ordering process is actually enjoyable and it takes a fraction of the time. Sayonara, local card store!

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