Take The Cake With Assorted Birthday Cards

by Henry L. on May 14, 2012

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I have always been the world’s biggest procrastinator, justifying all my last minute responsibilities by saying that I work better when under pressure. Even the simple job of getting birthday cards ahead of time will turn into a quick stop before work at the local drug store to pick up a card the day of a co-worker’s birthday. But after witnessing someone else’s last minute behavior recently, I feel a lot better about my own last minute doings. And it has also prompted me to purchase a box of assorted birthday cards!

I recently stopped one night at a local drug store chain after work. I pulled into a spot in the parking lot and noticed a young woman sitting in her car, with the interior light on, obviously doing something in the unoccupied passenger seat next to her. I got out of my car, looked in to her car and saw a sight that has kept me chuckling ever since. This woman was bent over a graham cracker pie shell, scooping chocolate pudding out of small pudding snack cups with a white plastic spoon, into the pie shell. An aerosol can of whipped cream sat next to the pie shell awaiting it’s turn in the creation of this pie. The woman was making a graham cracker pudding pie probably for someone’s birthday she would be attending within the next few minutes! She did not look up from her “baking” task or otherwise she would have seen me smiling and looking in at her. I thought to myself, “That really takes the cake!”

I still get a smile on my face when I think about this procrastinating pie maker sitting in the parking lot. But now I have a supply of personalized birthday cards on hand as well as an empty graham cracker pie shell, pudding mix and a can of aerosol whipped cream in my kitchen at home…just in case. I don’t ever want to get caught making a pie in my car on the way to someone’s birthday party!

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