Celebrate Your Shining Stars with Employee Birthday Cards

by Henry L. on June 6, 2013

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I was looking at the stars, enjoying the beauty of the night sky. I saw a bright star and wondered what it was called. Then I remembered the star that guided the wise men and I wondered if it was still in the sky, or had it gone as mysteriously as it had appeared? Then I thought do we all have a star appointed to us at birth? There’s so many, maybe we do have our own. At Christmas time people the world over celebrate a birthday, to some, the most important one ever. I feel it’s important to celebrate our own and others uniqueness. Each of us is a beautiful, one of a kind, never to be repeated star! Let your employee’s know you appreciate them with employee birthday cards.

Employee Birthday Cards

I’m sure you will agree each of your employee’s and clients bring something unique to your business. Whether it’s a sunny disposition, fantastic memory, a great sense of humor, they all shine like stars in your sky. Letting them know with company birthday cards is just good business. We all shine and get a twinkle in our eyes when we receive positive recognition. It makes us happy and productive, energizes us and spurs us on to bigger and better accomplishments. And joy is contagious. Maybe that’s what our economy needs a dose of joy, to stimulate it and get it going. So get those cards and let’s turn this thing around. Get your shine on people!

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