Corporate Birthday Cards with a Clever Surprise

by Henry L. on January 23, 2012

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I often noticed how the ladies in my office would show up for work every day with a beverage in hand from a fast food restaurant or coffee chain. They would purchase the largest size and enjoy it throughout the day. There would be conversation about where one could find the best buy and what was available in the neighborhood. Sometimes a new drink would come on the scene and we would compare our taste notes, even exchange coupons for these mini office delights. Here is an inexpensive way to celebrate your employees’ birthdays. Simply purchase corporate birthday cards and include a five dollar gift card for a local coffee store or fast food place. You will be amazed at the positive response.

A business birthday card not only shows that you care and remember; it is a demonstration of your thoughtfulness as a manager, executive, professional or business owner. The execution of this project is quite simple and straightforward. And don’t ask what you can get for five dollars in this economy – quite a lot! A sweet tea, strawberries and crème frappuccino, large decaf, fruit smoothie, or the basic black coffee-to-go will come in at under five dollars with change to spare. Give, and give it a try!

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