Corporate Birthday Cards Always Make Me Feel Special

by DeJanais R. on August 8, 2013

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I have received some of the best birthday cards from several employers. Every year for my birthday I optimize the “It’s all about me on my birthday” factor where ever I go, even work. I walk through lunch rooms, offices, and even restrooms to let all of my coworkers know that my birthday is approaching. I love the fact that more and more companies are taking the time to send corporate birthday cards to their employees. It may seem pointless or like an unnecessary luxury but it will boost confidence and morale for your employees. It makes them feel inspired, appreciated, and important even, all because of a small gesture from the company on their special day.

Corporate Birthday Cards

I once pranced around thanking every single employee that signed my birthday card, not knowing why everyone found it hilarious. Well, I took the time to ask our manager why my thank you tickled everyone so much. He looked at me with regret then took me into the office and started digging through a pretty cardboard box. Very seriously he said, “This does not mean that we don’t appreciate you or your hard work, it’s just very time consuming to keep track of everyone’s birthday.” With a confused look on my face I asked “Is that what I think it is?” He humbly responded “Yes it is. We order bulk birthday cards.” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. It doesn’t matter if the cards are ordered in bulk or signed in advance. Working in an office where your birthday is remembered and you are appreciated in wonderful!

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