Corporate Birthday Cards Are Rarely Expected

by Henry L. on April 12, 2012

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When was the last time a business ever did something special for you?  I’m sure most of us would have to sit and think about it before something comes to mind, if you don’t, it’s nice to know you are appreciated.  I have given my information to different businesses throughout the years, not necessarily expecting anything back other than a postcard or flyer reminding me to do business. Corporate birthday cards are rarely expected, that’s why it’s such a nice surprise to get one.

Birthday cards are normally something I expect to get only from friends and family.  I remember, especially as a kid, how although I wanted my card, I was anticipating the prize of money inside or the gift. But as I’ve become older, more and more each year, I value the actual cards people select for me.  The time they spend on finding a card that suits me, the personalized message placed inside has become, to me, a very special gift within itself.

Because of these reasons, I am particularly impressed, when a business takes the time to send something other than a promotional flyer.  If a company is willing to take some time with me, chances are, I’d be willing to take more time with them, just for taking the time to acknowledge my business. Business birthday cards are a great idea and I’ll welcome and remember any that come to my mailbox.

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