Keep Birthday Cards Alive!

by Thelma R. on August 1, 2013

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Today is a faced paced world. We want everything yesterday! All the emails, tweets, texts and Facebook. Everyone is connected at top speeds. Instead of going to the bank to cash your check, just take a picture of it on the newest iPhone. Forgot to send your wife flowers for your Anniversary? Buy them online and have them shipped that same day. There are plenty examples of how disconnected we are these days. Something as simple as taking a few minutes to write out birthday cards is now replaced by e-cards. There is something cold about that. I admit Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with family members who live apart, but we need to stop electronic communication for special events and show people that we really care.

Birthday Cards

What ever happened to checking the mailbox to find birthday cards waiting for you instead of your computer? Where are the singing telegrams now days? Do we still use them or are we just flash mobbing our way through birthday greetings now? I feel the only people still using actual business birthday cards are in the office. Either from co-workers or employers, they seem like a lasting breed to extend physical cards that you can touch. I know I’m over exaggerating. I really do think sending someone a card, for any occasion, beats an electronic one. I much prefer to jot down a personal note inside the card and hand address the envelope. It’s the simple pleasures in life we take most for granted. Keep birthday cards alive and let your hands get a workout instead of your keyboard.

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