Keeping the Tradition of Birthday Cards Alive

by Henry L. on March 18, 2013

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Need to talk? Send an email! Not sure how to spell a word? Spell check! Ah, the wonderful age of technology. Now don’t get me wrong – we have come a long way with the help of computers and other digital gadgets. But where does it end? Is it possible we are using technology a little too much these days? It’s sad that even a simple practice like sending birthday cards is slowly diminishing. I recently received an automated email (the kind you cannot reply to) wishing me a happy birthday from one of my business associates. How impersonal!

While I can’t stop the rapidly-changing world we live in, I can pick and choose the traditions I’d like to preserve. I pride myself on the fact that I still send high-quality birthday cards to my employees, family and friends. Besides, it’s quite an enjoyable process. At the beginning of each year, I buy a box of assorted birthday cards from The Gallery Collection and keep them at my office. As birthdays roll around, I pull out the box from my drawer and select the perfect design (this is my favorite part). After jotting a note inside, I hand-address the envelope, slap on a stamp and off it goes. The responses I get are overwhelming! I think it reminds everyone that a touch of humanity every now and then is still very much needed and appreciated.

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