The Magic of Business Birthday Cards

by Janna D. on August 19, 2013

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As a small business owner, I realized early on the importance of ‘the personal touch’ when it came to clients and employees alike. No one wants to feel like a number or a cog, and it was when I approached every connection on a more individual level that I saw the most amazing things happen. Remembering a child’s name or asking after a spouse (and paying attention to the reply!) goes a long way towards building a strong, loyal relationship. But the most positive reaction was always in response to receiving business birthday cards. It seems simple, but this outwardly small gesture always had the biggest impact. I could see the sense of worth and importance in their eyes as an employee would read the slew of well-wishes from co-workers, knowing they were valued and, let’s face it, well-liked. And I could hear in the voice of a client their genuine appreciation at being remembered on their birthday, knowing that time was taken out of a busy business day to make sure they knew the relationship was an important one. In the space of a short, meaningful birthday wish, a wealth of value and gratitude was shared.

Business Birthday Cards
I always keep a box of assorted birthday cards on hand and keep careful tabs on upcoming birthdays for all of my employees and clients. It doesn’t take long to pick the perfect card, and this personal, thoughtful gesture can flourish into an enthusiastic, dedicated staff, committed clients and a highly regarded business.

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