Personalized Birthday Cards And A Coupon

by Henry L. on April 2, 2012

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I used to think of myself as pretty stoic when it came to my birthday; I didn’t care if I received cards or not.  I am not anti-birthday cards, I send out birthday cards to all of my friends and family on their special day.  Actually one of my claims to fame is that I can remember a person’s birthday once I hear it. It’s a strange talent but people enjoy it.  This year I received personalized birthday cards from my yoga studio and inside the card there was not the usual “Happy Birthday to You” sentiment but the greeting was a coupon for a free session. The yoga studio actually sends these to clients on their birthday; this was a very clever idea and I really did enjoy receiving that card.

I mentioned this to a friend who owns a business and she told me that she already orders birthday cards by the box to send to her clients. She has the inside printed with a message that she will make a donation in their name to a charity; a thoughtful and generous idea.  Now that I discovered the many uses for birthday cards, I look forward to receiving them.

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