Personalized Birthday Cards: What Goes Around Comes Around

by Henry L. on February 2, 2009

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There was an old lady who sent a birthday card to an old friend. However, her writing was shaky and the birthday card was delivered to a man who was in a bad way. He was alone and had lost his job. He was very depressed, but when he opened the envelope, he began to think about things. Even though the birthday card had reached him in error, he started to remember how important his friends and family were to him. How they always sent him personalized birthday cards each year and showed their love in so many ways. He realized what the really important things are in life.

He decided to see if he could locate the sender of the birthday card and tell her that she had the wrong address on it. He thought it would be a nice gesture. He hopped on his computer and found the phone number of the old lady. She was so grateful, and to tell the truth, so happy to be talking to someone that she kept on talking long after the information had been exchanged. At one point she said, “You sound so much like my late husband’s great nephew, and your name is Tom just like his.” She hadn’t heard from Tom in many years.

Well I think you know what came next. There was a joyful reunion for two lonely people. And by the way, eventually the birthday card did get to the right person. The moral of this story is sending birthday cards or performing any other kind gesture is like bouncing a ball: it will surely come back with vigor to the hand that held it.

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