Mrs. Robinson’s Ode to Corporate Birthday Cards

by Henry L. on September 24, 2012

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Receiving corporate birthday cards have saved a few years of my life. How so? I’ll start by explaining that when I thought of “birthdays” I thought of hard labor. To write or not to write? Which card and/or gift is appropriate? How much should I spend? Where is this neck pain coming from? Do I really have to?

However, one fortunate day while I was celebrating the one birthday I look forward to – mine – I received a very nice, classy, and preprinted (the concept alone brings a tear) birthday card from my employer. It was beautifully designed with my boss’ and other executive’s signatures, a greeting, a logo, all printed in the inside of the card. And after a few days, when I was sober again, I found out that I’m not really their preferred employee, but instead they use personalized birthday cards to acknowledge all of their employees’ special days. After that initial shock, I had an epiphany; I said to myself: “Self, you can do this; you can order your own personalized birthday cards to give out without the god-awful handwriting. This sassy lady can get classy and preprinted too!”

My idea proved to be a good one for once. Looking at the back of my birthday card, I found the manufacturer and using my keen googling powers I found The Gallery Collection. After a full five minutes I had placed an order for my own, classy, and if I may, very tasteful personalized cards. Mrs. Robinson is riding the super highway to the next level in personalized greetings!

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