Show Appreciation for Personalized Birthday Cards

by Henry L. on May 18, 2009

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When I was a youngster my mother, God rest her soul, tried valiantly to get me to read the personalized birthday cards that came with my birthday presents. She actually wanted me to take the time to open and read the cards before tearing off the wrapping paper!! What century was she born in?

Later, I realized that she was born in a century that valued the written word – one in which chivalry was still alive and people were not criticized for displaying a little tenderness. Now, all of your birthday cards don’t have to be mushy or sentimental…I am all for humor and light heartedness. But somewhere between throwing greeting cards away without reading them or reading them with a chip on your shoulder, let’s get back to appreciating the effort put forth in the selection and sending of modern day birthday cards.

Unless you are a gifted writer and are prone to writing sentimental or comical notes to people, just take a look at some of the offerings available. You will be surprised at the wonderful variety to be had and the ease of choosing and sending one. On-line via the Internet is my personal favorite way. You can view literally hundreds of birthday cards sites and order quickly and efficiently.

I heartily recommend to all that the best way to show appreciation is to send personalized birthday cards, and the best way to feel appreciation is to read each card and think about who sent it.

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