Workin’ It With Birthday Cards

by Henry L. on February 11, 2013

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Many of my friends dread going to work on their birthdays – I even had one friend quit her job because her boss wouldn’t give her the day off! So I suppose I count myself lucky that I don’t mind coming into work on my birthday, and it’s my company’s fault. At my office we cherish birthdays. We bring in appetizers and finger food, bagels and donuts, juice, soda, sometimes coffee or cheese and crackers, and always dessert! In fact, we bring in enough food for a feast, as well as plenty of refreshments, and there is always a few signed-by-everyone birthday cards.

Celebrating a coworker’s or employee’s birthday is a great way to show your appreciation for that person’s efforts, and to show him or her that you’re excited about their contribution to your business. Business birthday cards are also a great keepsake, one that the recipient can set on his or her desk to remember that work can be fun, too! With so many cards to choose from, you should have no problem selecting the perfect birthday card at The Gallery Collection. They have cards that suit every company, and, if you can’t decide, they have assortment boxes, just for you!

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