Business Christmas Cards Are Good Office Etiquette

by Alana V. on October 10, 2013

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We all know that sending emails and/or text messages are such time savers but lets face it, they are not very heartfelt. Especially during the holiday season where we are even more appreciative for our relationships with clients and vendor. What better time to show how grateful you are of them? With sending business Christmas cards you show that you and your company are invested in the relationship rather then typing up a couple of sentences and clicking send.

New York City Channel Gardens Card

With business Christmas cards you get to hold the actual card that was picked out and read the message that they took the time to hand write just for you. You are not simply staring at a screen that probably has a holiday greeting that was copied to 20 other emails. Unfortunately, we live in a society where manners are hard to come by but rest assure that when sending Christmas cards it will be a win-win situation for both parties. Don’t get lost in the countless holiday emails this season. Showcase your company in a positive light and be remembered for it! When contemplating if you should send out cards think about how many emails you get a day and how many cards you get in a year. It’s an easy choice!

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