Business Christmas Cards That Work As Gifts

by Henry L. on November 1, 2012

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Last year was a tough year for my business.  You see, in the past I sent gifts to many of my clients in appreciation for their continued support.  However, 2011 wasn’t a great year therefore sending a small fruit basket or even a box of candy wasn’t in the budget.  My husband gave me a suggestion; he had received some beautiful sample business Christmas cards in the mail at his office and shared the catalog with me.  The cards were exceptional and with the discounts offered they were well within my budget.

Since I sent the cards last year I received numerous calls and comments from clients about the beautiful corporate holiday cards I sent. I have also done more business with my clients, which I believe was due in no small part to the cards they all received. Sending Christmas cards is a tradition that I intend on keeping for years to come.

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