Christmas Cards for Business Add That Personal Touch

by Henry L. on October 3, 2011

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I love getting Christmas cards – the pictures, the messages, the feeling you get each time you open one and realize someone was thinking of you.  These feelings aren’t just for family, friends and neighbors.  Christmas cards for business are also a big part of the season.  When people have so many choices as to who gets their business, its heartwarming to know you are appreciated.  Actually, a business Christmas card does double duty.  It lets customers know how much their loyalty has meant over the year, but it also puts their name back in the customers’ minds.  Remember, the holidays are a hectic time of year – everyone searching for just the right gift.  Sometimes that card arriving at the opportune time could be just what the doctor ordered.  Some businesses keep their names in customers’ minds all year long by sending a calendar card – another great idea.

I know around the holidays I sometimes get a card with a little something tucked inside.  Dare I say it, but these are my favorites.  Advertisements of special sale dates or coupons are a real treat.  Businesses know that you’ll spend the coupon money and more, so for them, it’s “win/win”.

And what about a card from your doctor or dentist?  Sometimes those visits are a little nerve racking.  But lots of us end up having a wonderful relationship with the folks in those offices.  I know for the holidays each year, my mom bakes cookies and delivers them to her doctors and their staffs which is her way of saying thanks for all the help during the year.  So, a card from them says they are thanking and thinking of her too.

Some people are skeptics and think businesses are cold, but clearly getting business holiday cards says the exact opposite.  Someone spends quite a bit of time choosing just the right card – be it a wreath, tree, bells, or something a bit more whimsical – maybe penguins decorating a tree – to send that holiday message.  So actually, quite a few people have their hand in making your holidays a little brighter just by sending you a Christmas card.

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