Christmas Cards – A Tradition That Transcends Time

by Henry L. on February 25, 2013

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Christmas cards are, of course, a great way to catch up with friends in a personal way. When I was younger I always meant to send out a year in review, touching base with the people who meant so much to me over the years, but I was always too busy. It’s a sad fact that time goes quickly. Sometimes years pass before you realize you’ve lost touch with a friend, co-worker, or classmate. Which is one reason why simple, personalized Christmas cards can be so touching.

My mother, for instance, wrote a holiday letter and sent out cards for years. On more than a few occasions I remember her actually handing me boxes of blank cards so I could start my own tradition. It took me more than a few years to finally act on it. Once I did, I realized I had more than 75 people I wanted to reach out to with personal wishes for a happy holiday.

The modern world has simplified so many things, for better or worse. Text messages have all but ended catch-up phone calls. Video games have limited the amount of time children interact with each other away from the television. Email has cut deeply into the amount of actual letters we write. These changing times have made receiving a holiday card that much more special. If someone in this busy world takes the time out of their schedule to write you, it means they care.

Holiday cards, for me, have simply become a tradition. I enjoy keeping in touch with my close friends and informing them of what is going on in my life—and hearing from them in return. More than a few of my friends have asked me where I find the beautiful cards I send and have started reciprocating, mailing out their own cards annually. There really is nothing more heart-warming than receiving a card from someone you’ve lost touch with. Cards reconnect you in a uniquely personal way.

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