Company Christmas Cards and Truffles for our Deli Customers

by Henry L. on November 29, 2012

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Christmastime is such a fun time of year for my husband and me.  We own a small deli in our town and even though every day is a good day with our customers, Christmas brings out the best in them.  We purchased cocoa covered truffles and handed them out to our customers during the holiday season.  One of our customers, I will call her “Jodi”, was so touched by this that the next day she came in and handed us a box filled with company Christmas cards.

When we opened them, we couldn’t believe how beautiful these cards were.  The envelopes had a strip on the back flap that you peel off and press down and the envelopes are sealed.  The cards are printed with warm and friendly sentiments.  You could feel the quality of the cards just by holding them, and the designs on the front of the cards were exquisite.

There were other customers in the store at the time and they couldn’t help but notice the cards.  They wanted to know how they could purchase these cards because they loved the way these cards were presented.  “Jodi” suggested that she would ask her employer if she could bring in some of their business cards to display on our counter and we were more than happy to oblige.  Within a week these cards were gone!

A few days before Christmas, one of our customers came in and mentioned that he heard about these wonderful cards that were given to us.  He wanted to know if he could see one of the cards, but unfortunately we had mailed them all.  He was disappointed, but we told him not to worry because he would get the chance to see at least one of the holiday cards when he opens his mail!

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