Give Your Holiday Cards A Chance!

by Henry L. on September 29, 2011

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I’m not a sentimental person. In fact, my co-workers would be more likely to describe me as a cynic by nature; always playing “devil’s advocate”. Holiday cards meant little to me, especially the ones from my employer. I always thought they were just an attempt to get everyone to work harder.

I changed my mind last Christmas.

It was a snowy morning, and it had been snowing much of the night. I was just getting around to opening the mail from the previous day, and had one envelope in my hand as I looked out my back window at the falling snow. The landscape was bleak. An ominous sky, deep snow, icy bare trees. A scrawny evergreen provided the only sign of life. I opened the envelope in my hand and it was this year’s corporate Christmas card. Without thinking I took minute to look at it. On glossy white paper was a photo of a brilliant red Cardinal on an evergreen branch. It was in an embossed “window-like” frame, with sparkling snow falling and a simple “Season’s Greetings”. A classic and timeless scene: the beauty of nature braving the harshness of winter.

Then, I had to smile. When I looked out the window again, there was a hardy Northern Cardinal in the evergreen, brightening up the yard…and my day. The card in my hand had come to life! I’ve been singing a different tune ever since. Maybe I am just a little bit sentimental after all…  Live and learn!

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