Making Business Christmas Cards Personal

by Henry L. on September 20, 2012

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Sending business Christmas cards is an ideal way to pass on cheer and goodwill to your colleagues and clients.

There are so many cards to choose from out there – how do you find one that stands out from all the others?  You personalize them to make them your own!   I can confidently say that now but a couple of years ago I was sending out the same ole same ole cards and greetings until one day I was the recipient of a Christmas card that caught my attention.  I realize that I was one of many to receive this card but I honestly felt the message inside the card was sincere and personal and directed only at me.  I guess that’s the trick when searching for Christmas cards – find one that has a festive cover then find the perfect sentiment to make the card your own.  The difference really can bring a smile to the faces of those who receive them; it certainly brought one to mine.

I have a small business and enjoy sending cards to my clients each year.  I no longer send cards with a common greeting inside; I choose a card cover that suits my style and then express my sincere thanks and good wishes using my own words.  I have to admit, when sending out holiday cards in the past I don’t recall anyone bringing up the subject of even receiving my cards.  Since creating my own messages and making them a little more personal, I have received compliments and thanks for them.

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