Send End of the Year Cheer with Business Holiday Cards

by Alana V. on November 4, 2013

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I remember when I began with what was, at that time, a “start up company” during the summer of 2004. Since our company was so new we were continuously working on smoothing out the bumps along the road and getting into the swing of things. Of course, we were super busy especially being that we were getting near to the end of the year closing. My co-workers and I became very close since it was the same group of us working together on most of the projects from the inception of the company. During one of our group lunches back in October 2004 we were discussing what we could do to show our gratitude to our clients and vendors for closing the end of the year successfully. We came to the conclusion on sending out business holiday cards as a thank you for doing business with our fairly new company. We decided to use The Gallery Collection as they had such a variety at such great prices. When we received our first order, I remember we could not believe the quality of the card and how thick the cardstock was.

Poinsettia Wrappings Holiday Card

It is now 2013 and our company is even busier than when we started. It has now become our company’s tradition to send out corporate Christmas cards from The Gallery Collection every year. Our longtime clients enjoy reading them as they are a reminder of how long we have been in business together since 2004. As for our newer clients, the feedback on the cards has been nothing but grateful and positive. Our holiday cards are also a reminder to us as it symbolizes just how far we come since that summer when we started. The Gallery Collection will always be synonymous with our company since they were there from the beginning. Cheers!

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