An Unexpected Turkey Day Treat – Business Christmas Cards For Thanksgiving

by Matty G. on July 11, 2013

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Business Christmas cards are standard practice when it comes to the business world. If you have clients, if you have employees, there should not be a Christmas that goes by where you do not show your appreciation with a card. There is no more personal of a message than one you wrote and signed yourself. There is also no more of a commercial than a card that says your company name that sits right on your client’s desk for a month or two. But there may be something you are overlooking. There is another opportunity to share your message of appreciation.

Thanksgiving Cards

There is nothing more American than eating turkey on Thanksgiving. The Detroit Lions have just finished up losing to whoever they are playing and the wife is ready for you to carve up the bird. The stuffing has filled up everyone’s nostrils and you cannot wait to see how that turkey injection you did for the first time tastes. Now what is more personal than that? Thanksgiving Cards can be a way to entrench your brand along with this American standard. It will not hurt that for an extra month your company name will be sitting on former, current, and potential client’s desks. So keep sending those Christmas Cards, but do not forget to go the extra mile and celebrate turkey day. Don’t forget the Thanksgiving Cards.

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