Thanksgiving Cards: A Tradition in the Making

by Janna D. on August 5, 2013

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Thoughts of Thanksgiving conjure warm images of bountiful tables set in cozy homes, harvests of pumpkin and corn and evenings spent bundled against the chilling air. There’s an unmistakable sense of contentment and appreciation and a wish to feel connected, and sending Thanksgiving cards to family and friends is a wonderful way to share that sentiment with the important people in our lives.

But there’s no reason why that feeling of gratitude needs to remain in the home. Valued customers and employees are the heart and soul of a business, and what better time of year than Thanksgiving to show our appreciation?

Thanksgiving cards

We spend the year finding different ways to thank our customers for their business, from discounts and top-notch customer service to receipts with ‘Thank You’ printed right on them to clearly communicate the thought. And once a year we have the opportunity to do something a little bit extra and express that gratitude in a more personal way by sending a Thanksgiving card. It’s a unique way to say Thank You at a time when we’re all taking stock of the important things in our lives.

Sending Thanksgiving cards may be a fairly new trend but it’s one that shouldn’t be dismissed too quickly. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season and brings with it the first waves of earnest anticipation, excitement and introspection. To capture that sentiment in a card sent to family, friends, employees and valued associates connects you and your company to all the joy and optimism associated with the holidays.

Follow up your fall mailing with a bounty of festive Christmas cards as the year comes to a close and you will ensure that you will be thought of with warmth and appreciation well into the year to come.

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