Christmas Cards Reviews

If you’re searching for the perfect business Christmas cards, look no further than design #610CS, Season’s Greetings Peaceful Winter Card. This tasteful card is printed on a rich, white card stock and features a serene painted scene of gray and white. A lone pine stands in the foreground of a snowy meadow while bare branched […]

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As the owner of a company that deals in public relations, I am always aware of making sure to treat people fairly when I am trying to get my message across. When it comes each year to sending out business Christmas cards, I try to be especially sensitive not to ruffle anyone’s feathers by sending […]

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Design #402CS – Winter Sparkle Holiday Card

by Henry L. on August 26, 2010

If you’re into winter scenes holiday cards, design # 402CS, Winter Sparkle Holiday Card, is one of many designs from The Gallery Collection that will definitely suit your needs. This design features a creek in the middle of a forest where the trees have been completely covered in snow. The small ripples in the river […]

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The Gallery Collection’s design #856CX, Elegant Wrappings Seasons Greetings Card, is a very elegant business Christmas card printed on black paper stock with regally wrapped packages in gold and ruby red foil. Just looking at the packages, you will truly hope that they can be the recipient of one of them! Whether you think black […]

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Design #365CW – The Homecoming Holiday Card

by Henry L. on July 22, 2010

Having all the family home for the holidays is a recurring theme that generates warm feelings. If you like winter scenes holiday cards that bring people into the picture, and that tell a story, you’ll love design #365CW, The Homecoming Holiday Card. In this peaceful scene, we see an adult and a child, hand-in-hand, walking […]

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Design #584CS, Winter Frolic from All of Us Holiday Card, is a festive way of saying Season’s Greetings to just about anyone. This design features four penguins dancing carelessly in the snow. They are wearing red reindeer antler hats and have rosy red cheeks. Santa Claus is featured center stage wearing his typical garb we […]

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Design #082CS – City Glow

by Henry L. on June 3, 2010

Design #082CS, City Glow Holiday Card, is one of my personal favorites. I love it so much I selected it as my personalized Christmas cards to send to family and friends. I am partial to city scenes and while the scene itself could certainly be in a small town, you do get the sense of […]

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Design #127CX – Season’s Greetings Jewel

by Henry L. on March 18, 2010

I see Season’s Greetings cards, personalized Christmas cards, holiday cards, and all occasion cards every day. No, it’s not because I’m card-obsessed; it’s the job I have. The company I work for produces over 300 card designs in the aforementioned categories. Being objective about these cards when it comes to describing them is a little […]

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588AR – Sparkling Balloon Birthday

by Henry L. on January 8, 2010

Companies that send business birthday cards to its employees are not only sending birthday wishes, they are promoting good feelings and a sense of belonging. But what type of card should a business select? Funny or serious? Vibrant colors or more subdued? This depends on the group who works there. Keep in mind several factors […]

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What better way to wish your customers and clients Merry Christmas or Happy New Year than with calendar cards that will make them remember you all throughout the coming year? Design #921ZX, 2010 Peaceful Year Calendar Card, is a wonderful way to spread peace for the coming year. In the center is a globe of […]