Personalized Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards from my Cousin

by Henry L. on September 27, 2012

Working for 25 years for a company that produces Christmas cards has made me very aware of the cards I receive during the holidays. I like to look at the quality of paper and the original designs.  I have a cousin who is an exceptional artist and every year she designs her own cards. The […]


Christmas Cards – Adding a Personal Touch

by Henry L. on September 6, 2012

Christmas Cards are a great way to keep in touch with clients, family and friends.  Just a simple wish of peace, prosperity and happiness is all that is needed to let a person know they are in your thoughts.  That is why I always make sure to send cards to everyone in my contact list, […]


A few years ago I started working for a company that designs, prints and personalizes holiday and all-occasion greeting cards. I had never thought about buying personalized Christmas cards even though I mail out between 60 and 80 Christmas cards each year. But once I placed an order for personalized cards, I was hooked. Preparing […]


The Same Company Christmas Cards Go Unnoticed

by Henry L. on July 26, 2012

I have purchased company Christmas cards for many years from The Gallery Collection and every year each person who receives them comments on how beautiful they are. I used to believe that having my name imprinted on the card was too impersonal, but then I realized instead of wasting my time writing my signature, I […]


Christmas Cards Help Stretch My Happy Season

by Henry L. on July 19, 2012

Christmas Cards herald, what was always to me, the happiest time of the year.  That first card to arrive by mail, usually the day after Thanksgiving, from the one early bird sender of my acquaintances, was often the first thing that really confirmed it – Christmas was officially coming! You may say, and I’m sure […]


Sending Personalized Holiday Cards Never Gets Old

by Henry L. on December 22, 2011

With Christmas only days away, I have received many holiday wishes from family, friends and colleagues.  I have gotten e-cards, emails, phone calls and text messages, but nothing compares to having personalized holiday cards in your hands.  There’s something about a card that makes you feel like that person went the extra mile to send […]


As the holiday season approaches, I once again begin my search for the perfect personalized Christmas cards to send to family and friends.  I love the elegance that a beautifully imprinted card portrays.  Rather than simply sending the card by itself, I have made truly custom holiday cards by including a poem about the past […]


Finally, a card that can be saved and displayed long after the holidays are over and is gorgeous to look at too! How many times do you take a day trip into New York City and want to snap a picture that captures all the beauty and excitement of the City, but you just can’t […]


Uncle Charlie’s Christmas Cards

by Henry L. on November 25, 2011

As a kid I was always excited when the holiday season was on the way. Christmas was always my favorite time of the year. I loved being surrounded by family, food, fun, and of course gifts. One of the most interesting gifts that I received was my Uncle Charlie’s Christmas cards. Uncle Charlie always gave […]


The Red Sox, Samuel Adams Lager, the T, Harvard Square, The Celtics, and clam chowder…. What do these all have in common?  They come from one of the most amazing cities in the world – Boston, Massachusetts!  And this year you can show your Boston Pride with our new Boston Christmas Cards! Boston always fills […]