Sympathy Cards

Helpful Tips for Sending Sympathy Cards

by Henry L. on April 4, 2013

For obvious reasons, no one likes to send sympathy cards. But they are needed, as they help bring comfort to the bereaved and also enable you to express and share your grief. Knowing the right things to say and do can be difficult. Here are some tips for sending sympathy cards. Writing the Sympathy Cards […]


Sympathy Cards and Treasured Thoughts

by Henry L. on March 21, 2013

Sending sympathy cards is not the most pleasant task, as we all know. It is however, a part of life. Our logical minds tell us that but our hearts aren’t as easily convinced. Just conveying condolences can be stressful. We are never quite sure what to say. We don’t want to upset anyone. If you […]


Sympathy Cards are the Ambassadors of Solace

by Henry L. on March 4, 2013

Some people are born with the gift of bringing comfort to those in need; most of us must depend on sympathy cards. Many of us use the clichés that seem to be appropriate, but don’t require any real thought. We are often afraid to say something too personal or too spiritual, thereby making the recipient […]


Sympathy Cards – The Unfortunate Necessity

by Henry L. on January 31, 2013

I am one of the fortunate people who have a wonderful relationship with my mother that I cherish. We do many things together; shop, travel and I even joined a few of the many clubs that she belongs to. Now mom is a very spry 78 years old. She has more energy than I do […]


Pet Sympathy Cards – Are They Necessary?

by Henry L. on August 13, 2012

Pets are more than an animal that lives with you. When you accept a pet into your home, you make them a part of your family. The love and care given to a pet is often very much like the way you would treat a child. They become an integral part of your daily life. […]


Sending Boxed Sympathy Cards to Co-Workers

by Henry L. on June 21, 2012

Although you might not know the person in all the cubicles in the office or in every department, when someone loses a loved one something tugs at the heart strings especially. The need to send boxed sympathy cards and acknowledge their loss looms large. Family is so important to many of us; it is a […]


Becoming older has its rewards; the kids are on their own, the mortgage is paid, knowing that retirement is so close you can taste it. Yes, there are many benefits but there is one aspect of aging that I am not enjoying. So many of my friends and colleagues are losing loved ones…too many really! […]


Sympathy Cards Are Hugs By Mail

by Henry L. on May 3, 2012

When someone you love passes away, you go through a whole new emotional experience. Sometimes you remember the good times spent with your loved one and the tears fall. Sometimes you remember how you got through the tough times and the tears fall. Sometimes you miss that person so much and you feel like you […]


A Little Comfort from Boxed Sympathy Cards

by Henry L. on April 16, 2012

It is always unexpected to lose a loved one; to receive that dreaded telephone call that someone special in your life has passed on. No one is ever quite prepared for it, especially when the person who has lost someone is either a colleague or superior at work. It is often difficult to formulate what […]


Extending your condolences, wishing a Happy Birthday, expressing your get well wishes or thanking someone for a gift or a job well done are occasions that occur in everyone’s personal life as well as in their work life.  It is just as important and beneficial to acknowledge these occasions as they occur in the lives […]