Thank You Cards

There is nothing like unexpected thank you cards to bring that smile back to your face after a long day. Thank you cards provide that delightful little spark that can turn your day from a gloomy, rain drenched day to a sunny one. I remember being in fourth grade in class working on sheets of […]


I am in the middle of moving for the first time in many years. Packing, shifting, and unpacking boxes is not my idea of a good time. I am hoping I won’t have to do it again for quite a while. (If my first reaction to my new pad is any indication, I won’t! I […]


Thank You Cards and Operation Home Improvement

by Henry L. on July 11, 2011

Have you ever sent thank you cards to contractors for a job well done? I recently had work done on my house. It was not the most pleasant experience for a few reasons: • My husband, Dan, and I were newbies to major home improvement jobs. We didn’t know what to expect and stumbled through […]


When I was a little girl, my mother not only taught my siblings and me manners, she insisted on us using them. From as far back as I can remember, she never let us get away without using them. Oh, Dad contributed to these life lessons as well, but it was Mom who was the […]


A Thank You Card to Dad That Got “Stamped” On

by Henry L. on January 10, 2011

Recently I sent my father a personalized thank you card as part of an ongoing joke between us that started about 40 years ago. It involves postage stamps or rather my lack of them. I enclosed an entire sheet of postage stamps in the greeting card with an explanation that I was finally repaying him […]

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Thank You Cards and Feel Good Moments

by Henry L. on August 23, 2010

Have you ever found yourself at a loss for just how to say “thank you” to someone? Whether in a business or personal situation, you should never want to let the opportunity pass to let someone know how much you appreciate their generosity or actions. Business thank you cards may be a little tricky since […]


The short answer is, “Yes!” But let me tell you a little story to back up that opinion. There was a time when I would have thought it gauche to send typeset personalized thank you cards, instead of carefully handwritten notes on watermarked custom stationery. Not only was I taught manners at home and at […]


Thank You Cards for Niceties

by Henry L. on April 26, 2010

Personal thank you cards are generally sent to acknowledge gifts received for a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation or some other special event. Or a card of thanks can perhaps be written to a person who did a special favor such as helping someone move or being supportive during a time of great need. Thank […]

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Corporate thank you cards fill a big vacuum in our modern society and they can fill it with a good impression of your service. It used to be that every time you completed a transaction, at a retail store or with an in-house service-person or even over the phone, the cashier or service person would […]

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Business Thank You Cards and the State of Mind

by Henry L. on February 8, 2010

All of us at one time or another in our lives has had the real joy of celebrating a special day, whether it was a birthday, anniversary, or a graduation, and have received lots of great gifts. And following these celebrations, we have all sent out thank you cards to those special people, thanking them […]

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