Thank You Cards

The King Day of Service was a Success Indeed!

by Henry L. on January 22, 2009

This past Monday, January 19, was a very special day for The Gallery Collection. Not only was it the day before Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States, but it was also the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. And in honoring Dr. King as well as our […]

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Business Thank You Cards for an Interview

by Henry L. on January 19, 2009

At this particular moment in time, the economy is in turmoil. If you’ve been laid off and are going on interviews to secure a new stable job for your future, you may want to keep reading. Have you thought to yourself, “How will I stand out from the other qualified interviewees who want the same […]

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In honor of the Martin Luther King Day of Service, The Gallery Collection is pleased to announce a donation of 100,000 personalized thank you cards that we’re making to Operation Gratitude. These thank you cards will be included in care packages being sent to U.S. troops deployed overseas. Operation Gratitude has partnered with Target and […]


A Thank You Card from Iraq

by Henry L. on January 13, 2009

I have this greeting card.  It’s hard to throw away.  I want to show it to someone, cherish it, keep it. It means something to me; something hard to say. I was pleased to receive it. In fact I was even proud. It is a thank you card. The thank you is from a Chaplain […]


Thank You Cards are a Gesture of Appreciation

by Henry L. on December 29, 2008

I am the first to admit that it is not always easy finding the perfect greeting cards for the occasions you want to recognize. I find it particular difficult to find the perfect thank you cards. Sometimes saying “thank you” just isn’t enough so you need the perfect card and sentiment to show how much […]

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Doing the Right Thing with Thank You Cards

by Henry L. on August 14, 2008

Some years ago, there was this guy on the radio on one of those all-talk programs who gave out advice to listeners on personal finance, as well as on how to handle oneself under certain situations one may encounter during a particular day. One thing that he always told his listeners was: “You can’t go […]


On the surface, corporate thank you cards may appear to be a line item you can cut from your budget when the economy dips and you need to toughen things out. After all, if someone doesn’t get thank you cards from you, how would they even know to “miss” the greeting cards? Well, try putting […]

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Thank You Cards are Business Savvy

by Henry L. on July 3, 2008

Ever own a business before? Well I did, and believe me, the little things matter. Every minute detail is scrutinized by your customers. You always think to yourself, “Well that really won’t matter,” but believe me…it does! The best way to get things done in business is to get it done cheaply and with meaning. […]

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I was on my way to CVS the other day to pick up a few things when I got a phone call about, believe it or not, a thank you card or more specifically company thank you cards. Now normally when I’m driving I don’t even answer my cell phone, good driver and law-abiding citizen […]

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Business Thank You Cards Show You Care

by Henry L. on June 2, 2008

In business it is always appropriate to express appreciation to clients, valued customers, patrons, vendors, suppliers and dedicated employees. Each one contributes to the success a company strives to achieve and each one is so very important in maintaining that success. What better way to show gratitude to these individuals than by sending each one […]

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