Bring Smiles with Snowflakes Season’s Greetings Cards

by Henry L. on November 5, 2009

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When looking for business Christmas cards to send to your employees and vendors, check out design #843CS, Sparkling Snowflakes Seasons Greetings Card. This design is done on a dark blue, matte stock. It has uniquely beautiful snowflakes done in embossed silver foil, with a deeper blue accent as the back drop. These are backed with swirls, done in the same deeper blue. The swirls are softly connecting the snowflakes and give the appearance that the snowflakes are floating on air. Below the snowflakes, “Season’s Greetings” is elegantly done in silver foil.

Your customers will surely be impressed when they open their holiday cards to see the deep blue matte and the greeting that you have chosen along with your company name imprinted in silver foil. You may also choose to further personalize your holiday cards with a silver gel pen. These are available in packs of two and allow you to add a handwritten note or signature.

Design #843CS - Sparkling Snowflakes Seasons Greetings Card

Design #843CS - Sparkling Snowflakes
Seasons Greetings Card

If you like snowflakes, then also check out design #587CS, Shimmering Snowflakes Season Greeting Card. These snowflakes are done in silver and turquoise and appear to be falling from the sky. I especially like that the snowflakes are done in such a way that it gives them dimension. The “Season’s Greetings” sentiment is done in the same turquoise on the front. This card is white inside and can also be personalized in silver foil writing or you can choose one of our ink colors with choices of blue, black, red or green.

As with both of these snowflakes season’s greetings cards, whether you are reaching out to your customers or friends and family, either one will be sure to please. Knowing that you have taken the time to pick out and send a card is sure to bring smiles to your recipients’ faces.

Design #587CS - Shimmering Snowflakes Season Greeting Card

Design #587CS - Shimmering Snowflakes
Season Greeting Card

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