Business Holiday Cards that will Keep you in the Minds of your Recipients

by Henry L. on September 1, 2009

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Design 149CW, Golden Snowscape Holiday Card, is one of my favorite business holiday cards introduced into The Gallery Collection line this year. It is a photograph of a lake with the sun, low in the sky but glowing brilliantly. The surrounding trees and foliage are reflected in the water. The golden sparkle effects enhance the warm earth tones of brown, gold and rust, while the snow covered banks and branches add the winter touches that celebrate Christmas. The deep brown border and simple “Season’s Greetings” sentiment allows you to send this holiday card to friends and family or to use as your business Christmas cards.

And FYI, this photograph was the winner of The Gallery Collection’s 1st annual Create-A-Greeting-Card $10,000 Scholarship Contest. It was submitted by Elizabeth Digre, a junior at the University of Southern Maine.

Design #149CW - Golden Snowscape Holiday Card

Design #149CW - Golden Snowscape Holiday Card

I know what you’re thinking about design 864CX, Red Berry Greetings Holiday Card – when did black become a Christmas color? Who would send black holiday cards? Red, green, and white are the typically holiday colors. Trees, candy canes, ornaments, snowmen, and snow flakes are the common reminders of the holiday season. But if you’re looking for a business holiday card to put you a step above your competition, this is the one for you!

Just take a good look at this gorgeous card! It is such a simple design yet the classic gold foil and red berries make it so elegant! This card is rich with texture. You can feel how the branches are imprinted into the black matte paper. Without seeing the card in front of you, you probably can’t see the detail on the bottom right, but the ground where the berry branches are growing is actually raised! The red berries are embossed and add such flavor to the design.

Design #864CX - Red Berry Greetings Holiday Card

Design #864CX - Red Berry Greetings Holiday Card

Don’t forget, you choose the greeting that appears inside your holiday cards. It will be printed in gold foil. Centered below the greeting, we offer two lines of personalization at no extra charge. How chic and sophisticated your company name will look!

This beautiful card will leave a lasting impression with your friends and clients. They will remember how thoughtful you were for taking the time to select a design with such timeless class and elegance. Sending this card has a two-fold purpose: one, to send well wishing holiday greetings and two, to keep your name in their minds!

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