Design #584CS – Winter Frolic from All of Us

by Henry L. on July 1, 2010

Design #584CS, Winter Frolic from All of Us Holiday Card, is a festive way of saying Season’s Greetings to just about anyone. This design features four penguins dancing carelessly in the snow. They are wearing red reindeer antler hats and have rosy red cheeks. Santa Claus is featured center stage wearing his typical garb we have come to know and love – his red and white hat and coat along with his signature black boots. The green mittens that are occupying his hands help to bring your attention to the snowflakes that are gently falling all around them. The snow is highlighted with silver foil that reflects the full color spectrum. The words “Season’s Greetings from all of us,” which are written in bold red ink, seem to pop off the white stock paper.

Design #584CS - Winter Frolic From All of Us Holiday Card

Design #584CS - Winter Frolic From All of Us
Holiday Card

The card comes with a white envelope that is lined in silver foil and is available in the seal fast envelopes. Design #584CS is the perfect Season’s Greetings holiday cards to send to friends, family, and those special clients you could never do without.

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