Environmentally Friendly Holiday Cards for Every Climate

by Henry L. on September 17, 2009

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Some people can’t relate to the winter holiday season without thinking of snow. If you’re not one of those people, you might have more difficulty finding business holiday cards that suit your taste. Add to that your desire for environmentally friendly holiday cards, and you may find even fewer from which to choose. Fortunately I’ve found quite a number of Gallery Collection holiday cards that fill these criteria, and two that I think are especially appealing.

Holiday Meadow Season’s Greetings Card, design #129CW, features an intriguingly beautiful scene. You wonder where this place is because you have a sense of wanting to step right into it. Its foreground is lush with evergreens and magenta-colored heather. In the mid-ground there appears to be an expanse of misty meadow, backed by a horizon line of evergreen trees. Beyond those, a sugarloaf of snow-dusted rocky mountaintop rises to smoky violet sky. This scenery is set within tastefully shaded embossed framing, below which are the gold foil words “Season’s Greetings.” As if all that were not enough to entrance the viewer, to the sides of the frame, and superseding into the picture, are embossed evergreens and heather stem silhouettes, coated in pearly white. The framing and pearly embossing really draw the viewer into this peaceful watercolor scene.

Design #129CW - Holiday Meadow Season's Greetings Card

Design #129CW - Holiday Meadow Season's Greetings Card

Whatever your climate, whether your lifestyle is urban, suburban or rural, you can appreciate the gloriously graceful design #138CX, Golden Holiday Wreath Christmas Card. This is one of those cards that must be seen in person because no mere photo can do it justice. Set on a background of creamy matte-finish sturdy card stock, all elements of the wreath and ribbon are deeply embossed and finely detailed. The body of the wreath is shaped with three different forms of greenery, adorned with pinecones and burgundy-colored berries. Two kinds of gold foil, one shiny and one buffed, bring true three-dimensional depth to every detail. This golden wreath is crowned with a large bow of wide, flowing ribbon in a charming burgundy and gold plaid. “Season’s Greetings,” in shiny gold foil positioned lower right of the wreath, is a lovely finishing touch.

Design #138CX - Golden Holiday Wreath Christmas Card

Design #138CX - Golden Holiday Wreath
Christmas Card

The fact that both of these exquisite all-climate cards are produced using environmentally friendly methods is just the cherry on the icing on the cake!

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