Merry Christmas Cards with Peppermints and Evergreen Branches

by Henry L. on June 30, 2009

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Over the last few years, I have noticed a growing trend amongst Christmas cards companies. For quite a long time, everything seemed to be very neutral. Nothing was used that would imply a specific holiday. It was all very PC…but that seems to be changing.

Design #147CX - A Peppermint Christmas Card

Design #147CX - A Peppermint Christmas Card

I recently went through The Gallery Collection catalog looking for Merry Christmas cards and found quite a large selection of cards that actually wish people a “Merry Christmas.” One of the designs I particularly liked is design #147CX, A Peppermint Christmas Card. Not only does it have a very beautiful Christmas tree, but it’s all decorated with striped peppermint candies and topped off with two candy canes crisscrossed with a bow. Another design that really appealed to me is design #131CX, Glistening Evergreen Branches Christmas Card. This is a very classic design with its sparkly pine tree branches accompanied by the sentiment “Merry Christmas” scrolled beneath.

Design #131CX - Glistening Evergreen Branches Christmas Card

Design #131CX - Glistening Evergreen Branches Christmas Card

I was very impressed by all the designs that were featured in this catalog, but was really happy about the increase in designs featuring “Merry Christmas” sentiments. Not only were the designs beautiful, but the greeting selection was great. I know that companies try to be very sensitive about not offending anyone by mentioning a specific holiday, but it’s quite nice for those of us who do celebrate Christmas to have such a great selection to choose from. Keep up the good work, Gallery Collection!

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