Assorted Greeting Cards Can Do Wonders For Your Employees

by Henry L. on April 30, 2012

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All of us at one time or another in our lives have had the real joy of celebrating a special day, whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or a graduation.  During this celebration I’m sure we’ve all received lots of great gifts, and cards from our closest family members and friends.  But how many of us can say we’ve received this same sentiment from our employer?  Probably not many.

This is why sending your employees assorted greeting cards is so essential.  It lets them know how much you care.  It lets them know that they’re an individual who is important to your company, not just another random face punching a clock.  It makes them feel their work and loyalty is appreciated by their bosses and supervisors.  These greeting cards, given out without any fanfare but with a firm handshake and done unexpectedly, would be a tremendous morale booster, especially now when the economy is flagging and people’s minds may be distracted by negative economic news.

Lord knows how many people are worried about whether they may or may not keep their jobs or if they can pay their bills on time.  But receiving a small note of acknowledgement and appreciation from an authority figure can do wonders for an employee’s state of mind and productivity.

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