Business Greeting Cards Show You Really Care

by Henry L. on May 10, 2012

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I send business greeting cards to my customers to express my appreciation for their business and to my vendors for a job well done. I could easily send an email but I feel that is so impersonal. The email often gets overlooked, is usually only seen by one person and gets deleted with a push of one button. The business greeting cards I send can be displayed and enjoyed by many and they leave a lasting impression.

To me, sending an actual greeting card shows how much I care. I took the time from my busy schedule to handwrite a note, address an envelope, stamp the envelope and mail it. I know this puts a smile on the recipient’s face when they receive the thank you card. I know because I’ve been there. When I receive greeting cards I hang them on my work station so passers by can see them. Sending and receiving greeting cards promotes good will and I am more likely to use this vendor again or remember this particular customer for a long time. Inserting your business cards in the greeting cards is also a good idea because it keeps those valued vendors/customers at your fingertips. Sending business greeting cards is a small gesture that leaves a large, lasting impression.

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