Company Holiday Cards Are Good Reminders

by Henry L. on July 2, 2012

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Recently I received very classy company holiday cards from a group I had done business with about 3 years ago.  When it arrived I thought it was from my cousin who owns her own business and it is doing very well.  It was a beautiful envelope with a gold foil lining and a frilly edge.  The return address was in gold foil and it really was impressive.  At that point when I saw the company who sent it I was surprised.  While they did a great job for me a few years back, I had forgotten about them.  I thought about it and as it just so happened I realized I could utilize their expertise on an upcoming job I was involved with.  I contacted them and we set up a meeting to discuss doing business together again.

I am so happy that this group decided to do company Christmas cards to all their past customers and business associates. If they had not contacted me I would have had to put out this job for bid. I now can deal directly with a company I have first hand knowledge does a really good job. What a time saver those holiday cards were for me, and more business for them!

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